Family Fued (Sound of Silence Sequel) (2024)

My 9th fanfiction of the Loud House. After the events of Sound of Silence, Lincoln was angry at his sisters for pranking him and haven’t talked to them after the visit of the hospital. Other sisters were glaring at Lincoln, except for Luna who was concerned about her little brother. After Luna learning about Lincoln being used as object by Lori and her being mad at Lola for doing such a scheme of pranking him, it’s up to Lincoln and the other sisters, Leni, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lana and Lisa to find a way for 3 of their sisters Lola, Luna and Lori to get along, before things get out of hand.

Lincoln and the other sisters, aside from Lisa got their heaing back from Lisa’s explosion and were going back home from the hospital. Unfortenatlly, there was nothing but silence in Vanzilla. Rita and Lynn Sr. were concerned about this situation. Rita thought that Lola and the other sisters pranking him has gone too far, but her biggest worry right now was her11 year old son Lincoln. He saw allot of anger in the boys eyes and didn’t want to make eye contact with his sisters.

Lynn Sr. on the other hand noticed the sisters glaring at their brother. Lynn was mad at them, because he knows that his daughter were at fault here. But one sister in particular, had a worried face looking at her brother. It was Luna. The rocker of the family, at the start was like her other sisters, until she changed her emotions, after when she saw how mad Lincoln mad was and that made her worry allot. It was noticed by her father, that Luna had even few tears coming down from her eyes. Lynn Sr. understood, that Luna doesn’t like seeing her brother like this and she doesn’t want Lincoln to think of her less.

The Loud family finally arrived at home, everyone got out of the van and entered the house. The ones who were got out of the van and ddn’t went straight to the house, were Luna and Lincoln. Lincoln glared at the house and decided to walk away from the house. Luna gasped in shock and said: „Lincoln! You aren’t thinking to run away from home, are you?”

Lincoln turned and glared at Luna with allot of anger. Luna froze and small tears came down her cheeks.

Lincoln (mad): Luna. I want to take a breather from all of this. I will take a long walk and will come back home, when I cool off. Don’t think of following me. I want to be alone.

After that Lincoln left. Luna was shocked of how mad her brother was. Her was down and she walked towards the house slowly. The other sisters were in the living room watching TV. Acting like nothing bad has happened. Luna entered the house and other looked at her. Luna had her head up and she glared at their siblings and wanted to go upstairs, until...

Lola: What’s the matter sis? And where’s Lincoln? I hope he doesn’t ignore us again.

That’s when Lola made a mistake. Luna was now furious and turned her hands into fists. She was shaking in anger and looked at Lola with gritted teeth. Lola backed away scared.

Luna (furious): Lincoln isn’t in the mood right now and so am I. You and your stupid tattle tale bogus. Do you think Lincoln would even want to talk to any of us of what we did to him these past few days?

Lola (scared): I-I was just...

Luna (mad): Save it missy! You are nothing but a brat who only cares about her herself and no one else. Our bro propablly hates now! Thanks to you!

Lori (annoyed): Cool it Luna. That little twerp deserved it anyways. Not to mention, he was a great ottoman for me.

Everyone was shocked and gasped. Luna just looked at Lori. Lori realised that she just made the biggest mistake of her life. Luna turned and her head was down the starcase steps. She laughed a little, which made other siblings becoming scared of her.

Luna: What was that sis? I didn’t quite catch that. Would you mind repeating that again?

Lori (nervous): L-Lincoln was a good ottoman?

Luna smiled. Which made other sisters even more nervous.

Luna: So he was a good ottoman to you? Huh. Good to know.

Luna then walked upstairs, while other sisters slowly follow. They noticed that Luna didn’t went staight to her room. She went to Lynn’s and Lucy’s room. They heard her searching for something. The noise stopped and they heard Luna coming out of the room. She then was walking towards where her and Luan’s room is, but she was holding a baseball bat in her hand. Lori realises what Luna was about to do and she quickly ran upstairs, until others heard glass shatter and things getting broken from Lori’s and Leni’s room. Lori quickly ran towards her room and was screaming fear. Luna destroyed allot of thing in Lori’s side of the room. She saw Luna smashing allot of her thing with Lynn’s baseball bat with blind fury and rage. Lori was now starting to get mad at her sisters and stormed towards her, grabbing the bad, but Luna didn’t let go.



Luna with rage kicked Lori in the stomache, which made her fly towards the dressing room. Lori got up and was now furious.

Lori (furious): YOU ARE SO DEAD!

Lori was trying to get rid of the baseball bat from Luna’s hand. They were pulling the bat in and out, until Lori stepped on Lunas foot hard and she let go of the bat and Lori threw the bat away. Luna was furious and jumped towards Lori and a fight cloud between started. The parents quickly ran upstairs were shocked by the outcome. Lynn Sr. and Lyn Jr. got the hold of Luna, while Rita, Leni and Luan were holding Lori. Lori and Luna were growling at each other with fury and they looked like they were about to kill each other. Lori had a black eye on left, messed up hairs and bruises on her arms, legs and even her right cheek. Luna had some small blood coming from her nose, and also bruises everhwere. Even a torn shirt. The family let go of the two, when they cooled off a bit. But Luna was still angry and pushed aside everyone and slammed her door from her room.

Luna (angry): Grrr. That Luna. What does she think she is?

Rita (mad): Well I don’t blame Luna for being this angry at you. Pranking him and making him scared is one thing, but making him your ottoman? Are you serious Lori? He’s your brother, not your slave.

Lori: But mom-

Rita (mad): No buts young lady.You are grounded, until you apologise to your brother and to Luna aswell.

Lori (defeated): Yes mom.

Lynn Sr. (mad): And as for you young lady. (points at Lola) You are also grounded, until you learn your mistake and apologise to your brother.

Lola (mad): But that’s not fair. It’s Lincoln’s fault in the 1st place. He’s the one who decided to ignore us.

Lana (angry): He wasn’t trying to ignore us. He just wanted some alone time. Is that so wrong?

Lisa (angry): Not to mention that your ridicolous scheme had a major flaw in it. I was never told by this plan of yours and because of it, Lincoln didn’t help me with my science project, which resulted for you and the other to be tone deaf for a couple of days. Be glad, it wasn’t permenant.

Luan (mad): Yeah, Lola. You done goofed up now. Haha! But seriously, you brought this on yourself little sis.

Lola (mad): But you all agreed to this. It’s not my fault that none of you didn’t stop me from doing this.

Lucy: I have a confession to make.

Everyone was startled by Lucy’s sudden appearance.

Lucy: Sigh. Me, Lana and even Leni didn’t want to do this. Lincoln is our brother. I understand how he feels, when he wants some alone time, but because of your childish and mean behaviour, we were too scared to go against your plan.

Rita (sad): Aw. Lucy. You shouldn’t be scared to be against someone, especially when that someone is doing something wrong. I am proud that you wanted to go against Lola’s plan, but why didn’t you?

Lucy: Sigh. You know how Lola is when she is mad. She might be six, but her attitude even scare ghosts and ghouls away.

Lola (mad): That’s not true.

Lynn Sr. (mad): Lola, that’s enough. Go to your room.

Lola stormed off angirly, until a small creek from Luna and Luans room door was heard. Lola saw Luna glaring at her with anger and that made her scared and run away to her room.

The others sighed and went back to their seperate ways. Leni was the only who was still there, glaring at Lori.

Leni (angry): Like, I hope you are happy Lori. Because of you, things have gotten allot worse from now on.

Leni left Lori and Lori stood there, looking at the floor in sadness.

Lori (sad): What have I done?

To Be Continued


  • This took me a long while to write, I might do a 2 parter of this continuation of Sound of Silence;
  • I wanted to write a different outcome, Luna and Lori fighting, I always can imagine how much Luna and Lori would never get along, considering their differences and their relationship with their brother. I wouldn’t be suprised, if this did indeed happen, after the episode;
  • This is my first story, I written, where Lincoln didn’t get much involved in the story;
    • I originaly wanted for the 1st part of this story, for Lola to realise, how much her siblings are scared of her, but decided that it would be too easy and knowing Lola’s charater, she wouldn’t realise this right at the moment.
    Family Fued (Sound of Silence Sequel) (2024)
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