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A/N:Oh boy. This is a fanfic that has beenlongoverdue. I'm really sorry about the long wait ever since my last story. Some personal things and school-related work has gotten my schedule all filled up these past couple of days. On top of that, this is a story that has been difficult for me to write. I've had to rewrite this story so many times because I felt unsatisfied with the final product. But enough about me. I'm gonna post the first part of my 17th fanfic, Weigh Anger.

The story was requested by wiki userTheAnimeFan63, and a big thanks to MrAnimatedToon for assisting me with this story.

Weigh Anger Part 1[]

[We open up with an outside view of the house. Inside, Lori bangs the door open with a grumpy look on her face]

Lori: Wake up everyone! I mean it! Now!

Leni: Alright. Alright.

Lori: Would you hurry?!

Leni: Jeez. Looks like someone got up on the wrong side of the bed! You usually get on the on the left side. [points to the bed]

Lori: (goes to Luna and Luan's room) That goes for both of you, too!

Luna: Okay! Geez! (to Luan) What's her problem?

Lori: [to Lynn and Lucy] Get up! Now!

Lucy: Nyeh! What was that for?

Lori: No time for messing around, goth twerp!

Lucy: Hey!

Lori: [to Lola and Lana] You too!

Lola: Agh! Jeez!

Lori: [to Lisa and Lily] And you! [to Lincoln] And especially you!

Lincoln: Gah!

[Opens the door to see Lori.]

Lincoln: Lori, what the heck?! I was having the most awesome dream ever. I was Ace Savvy in a fight against-

Lori: I don't care about a stupid dream, Lincoln. We need to get to school, now!

Lincoln: But Lori, today is-

Lori: NOW!!!

Lincoln: [groans]

Lana: Why do we have to get up so early on-?


Lana: Alright! Jeez!

[The family rushes the bathroom]

Lori: Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

Lynn: Alright! I'm going!

[The family rushes downstairs. Lori throws a fruit bar at everyone.]

Lori: Just eat these! We're running late!

Luna: But, Lori-

Lori: Shut up and get in the van!

[Everyone does so. Lincoln turns to the audience.]

Lincoln: Ever had one of those days? The Loud Family certainly have. You guys are probably used to this already.

Lori: (off-screen) Lincoln, stop talking to the air and hurry!

Lincoln: (groans) But it bears remembering. Out of all of us, Lori is probably the one with the shortest fuse of all. When you're a senior looking after a family of eleven, your stress capacity can shrink really low!


Lincoln: Sorry, Lori! [runs to Vanzilla]

Rita: Kids, wait! Where are you going? Today's-

[Lori drives off.]

Lori: Did anyone forget anything?

Luna: No, but-

Lori: Did you study for any upcoming exam you have?

Lucy: Yes we have, but-

Lori: I don’t have time to hear! I’m NOT gonna be late for school because of you!

Lincoln: But, Lori-!

Lori: No time, Lincoln!

Lori: [drives up to her high school and runs out] Leni! Luan! Luna! Get out!

Lynn: And the rest of us?

Lori: Walk to school! I'm gonna be late!

Leni: But Lori!

Lori: They'll be fine! Come on!

Luna: But Lori!

[Lori tries to open the door, but the door fails to open]

Lori: What's going on?!

Luna: We tried telling you...

Luan: It's Saturday!

[Lori pauses and groans angrily]

Leni: We'll just be back in the van...

[The older sisters head back to the van]

Lynn: She found out. Didn't she?

Luna: Yep. And that gal's having one crazy temper tantrum.

[The kids look outside and see Lori throwing her backpack on the ground]

Lori: I can't believe I've wasted my time-!

Leni: Poor Lori. She's probably just stressed out from running the family so much.

Lynn: Poor her? The girls gotta learn to chill and cool her temper!

Luna: Girl's got issues.

Lincoln: Don't let her hear that! She's got the fuse of a grenade.

Lynn: Grenade doesn't have fuses.

Lincoln: Exactly.

Luan: Yeah! The girls got more anger issues than Lola here.

[The siblings, even Lola, laugh.]

Lola: Okay, I admit it, that was pretty funny. But seriously, that girl has issues!

Lincoln: Maybe we can cool her off at home. If we keep her happy for a day, then maybe her temper won't be so bad.

Lana: You sure that'll work?

Lincoln: If it doesn’t work, we’ll try something else.

Leni: Alright!

Luna: Worth a shot...

Lori: What are you talking about?

Lincoln: Oh! Lori! Hi!

Lori: [calmed down a bit] Hey. Sorry about all of this or whatever. I just get grumpy in the mornings. You know?

Luna: Oh no, no, no, no, no! Simple mistake! Could've happened to anyone.

Leni: Say, why don't we go home and just relax?

Lori: Sure. Whatever. [groans]

[The kids arrive home.]

Lynn: Come on. On the couch! I'll give you a good message that'll ease your nerves.

Lori: Lynn. I'm not in a mood for-

[Lynn drags Lori to the couch and starts beating her back]

Lynn: How's that?!

Lori: Ah! Ow! Lynn! You jerk! My back was fine until you threw your fists at it!

Lynn: Jeez. Sorry.

Leni: Here, Lori. Why don't I make a real breakfast for everyone? I got the eggs right- [Leni drops on of the eggs on Lori's head] Oops...

Lori: Agh! Leni! You klutz!

Leni: Sorry. Maybe the breakfast can wait!

Lori: Will everyone leave me alone?!

Lola: Here. Let me give you a makeover!

Lori: I don't want a makeover!

Lola: Oh come on. It'll cheer you right up. I know it will!

[Lola applies the makeup on Lori's face, but she keeps refusing and moving her face away]

Lola: Hold still! You're messing me up!

[Lori's face ends up looking like a mess... even more so than usual]

Lori: No! I don't want one! [pushes Lola] Everyone leave me alone!

[Lori marches upstairs grumpily]

Lynn: Hope she doesn't come across the-

[Lori screams in horror]


Lola: Where's a good hiding place?

Rita: There will be no killing in this house!

Lynn Sr.: Go to your room till you've calmed down!

[Lori does so]

Lincoln: Maybe this wasn't such a good idea...

Lana: Poor Lori. We gotta cheer her up.

Rita: Kids, I know what you're trying to do, but I think Lori needs to take some time by herself.

Lynn Sr.: Yeah. Sometimes people need a moment to cool off.

Lincoln: You're right...

[In Lori and Leni’s room. Lori was aggressively walking back and forth.]

Lori: (groans) I swear sometimes I just can’t stand my siblings. Maybe I need some time away. I could go visit my Boo Boo Bear for a week to cool off. (sighs) But how could I do that? I got 9 tests this week and my siblings are acting stranger than usual. [She lays on her bed.] Why does my life hate me sometimes?

[Suddenly, her phone rings. It's Bobby.]

Lori: Hey, Bobby. What is it?

Bobby: Babe. You doing okay?

Lori: Why?

Bobby: Lincoln- I mean- My senses told me you weren't doing so well.

Lori: Listen, Bobby, I wanna have some lone time-

Bobby: But babe, you always talk to me when you're feeling down, and now I'm completely free to talk to.

Lori: What did I literally just say?!

Bobby: Ah! Okay then! I'm going!

[Bobby hangs up]

Lori: (groans) Even Bobby won’t leave me alone today!

[Someone knocks at the door. Lori opens the door to reveal Lincoln]

Lincoln: [Nervously] Hi, Lori...

Lori: [frustrated] What do you want now?

Lincoln: Listen, I’m sorry we were giving you such a hard time. It’s just that-

Lori: Lincoln! I don't have time for one of your plans! Don't get me involved!

Lincoln: We just wanted to cheer you up.

Lori: Cheer me up?! Cheer me up?! You call this cheering me up?!

Lincoln: I know but-

Lori: Let me tell you this one more time! LEAVE ME ALONE!

Lincoln: Lori! Wait! [Lincoln grabs Lori's shoulder]

Lori: Get your hand off me!

[Lori slaps Lincoln's face hard. This causes him to wobble back and hit his back against Lori's vanity set, which causes a mirror to fall on his head. Lori gasps.]

Lori: Lincoln! [picks up mirror]

Lincoln: Ah! [covers his pink, hand-marked cheek]

[Tears start to run down Lincoln’s face. Lori’s features start to soften, as she realizes what she’s done.]

Lori: Lincoln I-

Lincoln: Don’t hurt me! I’ll get out of your way!

[Lincoln runs out of Lori’s room. The sisters, having witnessed what just happened, look at Lori bewildered.]

Leni: L- Lori? What did you do?

[All Lori can do is slowly back into her room, shocked and speechless. She shuts the door and sits on her bed, feeling guilty about her action]

Lori: W- What have I done? I- I didn’t mean to h-hurt him I just- [begins to grow sad] I’m such a monster!

[Meanwhile, the other sisters see Lincoln run into his room]

Luna: Lincoln?

Lincoln: [heartbroken] Leave me alone! I don’t want to talk! [closes door]

Leni: Ugh! Look at that! Now, Lori’s made Lincoln upset! [clenching fists] Oooooooooh! Now she’s gotten me feeling upset! Lori's no fun being around!

Luan: Leni! Leni! Calm down! Just start naming the 50 states in alphabetical order!

Leni: [sighs] Abracadabra... Abraham... Apple Sauce...

Luna: Those aren’t... never mind.

Leni: I feel better now. Thanks... I knew Lori had anger issues, but I never thought she was such a monster! Especially to poor Linky!

Lola: I bet she’s in there still blind to what she just did!

[Meanwhile, inside Lori’s room-]

Lori: [crying]


Lori: I- I can’t believe myself...

[Suddenly, Lori hears Rita and Lynn Sr. rushing upstairs, outside.]

Rita: Kids! What happened?

Lola: Ask Lori!

[The parents head to Lori’s room.]

Lynn Sr.: Lori! Open up!

Lori: [opens door weakly] Y- Yeah?

Rita: Lori. Care to explain what just happened?

Lori: Well, Lincoln was trying to apologize for bothering me before and I got so mad at him that I- I did something dumb...

Lynn Sr.: Come on. Be more specific!

Lori: I slapped him in the face and made him trip and fall- [voice breaking] and- makeup set- and the mirror- and- crash on his head and-! [sighs] I'm literally the worst am I?

[The two parents gawk at this.]

Rita: You did what?!

Lynn Sr.: I cannot believe you!

Lori: I'm sorry! I-

Rita: You hurt your own brother like that?! How could you?!

Lynn Sr.: You're anger has gotten too out of hand! And now you've made a serious mistake!

Lori: I know! But what can I do?!

Rita: Do something about your awful temper!

Lynn Sr.: You can think about that while your grounded!

[The parents leave the room. Lori remains sobbing a little, but stops to listen to the parents outside comforting Lincoln]

Rita: Linky. Are you alright?

Lynn Sr.: How badly does it hurt?

Lincoln: It hurts a lot, but not as much as how it came from my eldest sister.

Rita: Oh honey. She didn't mean it. It was an acci-

Lincoln: An accident? It wasn't... She knew what she was doing!

Lynn Sr.: Now, that's not true, son! She was just... blinded by rage I'm sure! I'm sure she feels awful about what she did.

Lincoln: It still hurts a lot being attacked by Lori. Y- You think you know someone...

Lola: Yeah!

Rita: Lola! You're not helping! What Dad's trying to say is, sometimes people act uncontrollably when they're angry.

Lincoln: That doesn't excuse why Lori has an awful temper!

[Lori begins sobbing again]

Lori: Lincoln! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean it! [wipes tears] He's right. I do have anger issues. What should I do?!

[Lori's phone rings]

Lori: Hello?

Bobby: Uh, babe. I know you want to be left alone, but Len- I mean- my sense were-

Lori: Not right now, Bobby! I just did something awful!

Bobby: What was it?!

Lori: I don't want to talk about it! J- Let's just say that I- I let my temper get the best of me...

Bobby: I think I know what you mean.

Lori: Bobby. Be honest with me. Do I have anger issues?

Bobby: No! Of course not! You're one of the sweetest-

Lori: Don't lie to me! Tell me the truth!

Bobby: But- but- [pauses] Okay. Maybe you do have a tendency to let your emotions out sometimes. But only sometimes.

Lori: I'm a monster! Aren't I? [sobbing] I don't know what to do! I can't be like this! Alright having this dumb short fuse on me!

Bobby: What are you talking about?

Lori: I have a temper problem! I need to fix it! Otherwise, I'll just be hurting more people!

[Cue fantasy. Lori is completely red in the face and every step she takes, she burns up the grass she's walking on.]

Lori: Everyone get out of my way!

Man 1: Hey. Are you alright?

Lori: [throws the guy off-screen] Buzz off!

Woman 1: [on the phone] Yeah! I'll be over-

Lori: [throws woman off-screen] Out of my way!

[Lori flips a car as a man was about to enter it. She walks up to a man in her way.]

Man: Okay! I'm going to the supermarket now!

Lori: '[screams as fire comes out of her mouth, turning the man in into ashes] That's what I thought.

[The entire background becomes nothing but flames and Lori lets out an angry growl. End fantasy. Lori is cowarding about that "possible" future.]

Lori: [sobbing] I don't want that to happen!

Bobby: Babe! Don't be ridiculous! That can't happen. I mean, no one can breathe fi-

Lori: I need help! What do you think I should do?

Bobby: Well... have you ever thought about anger management class?

Lori: I- I've never taken one. I didn't think I'd ever need to. Is it that easy?

Bobby: Well, no. It takes time to manage your anger. It can't just be done in one day.

Lori: Are there any around here?

Bobby: Of course!

Lori: That's great! [turns disappointed] The only problem is I'm grounded.

Bobby: Oh. Well, you can start after you get ungrounded.

Lori: O- Okay. Thanks, Bobby, for being there for me.

Bobby: Aw, anything for you, babe. Glad I could help. [hangs up]

Lori: [sniffles] Well... time to find myself an anger management class. [looks on her phone for a nearby class] Wherever that'll be...

[Lori looks outside her room to see Lincoln sitting on his bed, still hurt from the incident. Lincoln sees Lori and immediately closes the door in fear of being attacked again.]

Lincoln: I- I'm sorry! I won't get in your way again...

Lori: [reaches out her arm] I- I'm sorry, Lincoln. I hope this will get you back...



  • Don't worry folks. This ain't no Lori-bashing fanfic. Rather, after TheAnimeFan63 requested me this story, it got me thinking about how often Lori tends to lose her temper in the actual show (which I don't dislike her for), like in Save the Date, Get the Message, etc., so I wondered about what would happen if Lori's temper went too far.
  • The title is a pun on the phrase, Weigh Anchor.
  • Part 2 should be done sometime in late-November.
  • This was a good opportunity to try out a more mature story than I usually do. How did I do? Leave your thoughts below!
Fanfiction - Weigh Anger (Part 1) (2024)
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