Just The 2 Of Us (Luigi x Daisy Story) - ThatOneMarioFangirl (2024)


Luigi Mario couldn't bother to tune into what else his older brother, Mario Mario, was saying for he had already snapped his eyes wide open and threw off the covers, blasting out of his bed like a rocket.

Oh, stars! He had slept in through his alarm clock!

Desperate and fast footsteps echoed up the stairs as they clomped with each heavy step.

Those are Mario's thick, brown, heavy boots all right... Man, am I sure in for it this time!

"Luigi!" Mario called out once more.

Uh oh. He was now down the hallway and headed towards their bedroom...!

"I'm up, I'm up!"

Mario stormed through the open room door, only to abruptly stop when he caught Luigi still in his pajamas.

Frustrated and impatient, Mario huffed through his nose and sighed as he leaned his small body against the open doorway of the bedroom.

"Luigi," Mario started, trying to be as calm as possible. "I've been gone on my walk for fifteen minutes, only for you tostillbe in bed!"

"But I'm not in bed, anymore." The younger brother replied, smartly, giving his brother a smirk.

"But you aren't dressed! Look at the time," Mario replied, pointing to his brother's alarm clock behind him. "It's 11:30 now. The grand event is going to start at 12:00 and we're supposed to get there earlier to help the princess and everyone else set up! You said while I was about to leave for my walk that you'd get up."

"I don't remember saying that." Luigi frowned, biting his bottom lip.

"Well, you did. I announced that I was going for my morning walk like always and that you'd better get out of bed before I get back. You muttered something like an, 'Mhm, yeah, I will.' and obviously, you didn't."

Mario rolled his eyes upon saying this and lightly shook his head.

"Oh..." Luigi slightly blushed. "Well, I better get ready, then. We're going to be late!"

"No kidding and I can't even give the princess a heads-up." Mario retorted as he spun on his heel and left, leaving Luigi by himself.

Well, I should get ready before we're even more late than it is and Mario kills me for it. Not like he already won't, anyways, but still.The plumber thought, bitterly.

Luigi jumped into a really quick shower and wrapped himself in a towel as he sped-walked into his room to change. He pulled his green, long-sleeved shirt over his head. He fastened up his dark, navy blue overalls over his light green boxers and wore red and white peppermint striped socks.

His usual attire.

Racing downstairs, he nearly slipped and fell forward twice, seeing as he was usually the clumsiest out of the two heroes. The plumber gripped the railing and carefully but quickly made his way down the rest of the stairs to meet his brother.

Mario was already at the open front door, patiently (or maybe impatiently on the inside) waiting as he crossed his arms over his chest and raised a dark eyebrow.

"I know, I know," Luigi sighed. "Lemme just grab something for the road quickly!"

"No time!" Mario hissed, snatching his brother's arm as he dragged him outside and slammed the door closed behind him. "We're in a rush here!"

"Mario, let go of me! I can walk, you know!!!"

Releasing his grip, Mario stopped to look at his brother.

"Sorry, Weegie. I just don't want the princess to worry anymore than she already needs to."

"It's alr-"

The plumber in green was shortly cut off as he noticed that his older brother had already ran off on him, down the path that stretched on ahead.

Why do I even bother with him?Luigi thought, rolling his eyes.Ah, whatever. I'll let him go on ahead. I might as well take my time. I mean, I'm kinda already late, anyways. Besides, Mario is probably more needed in the kingdom than me at the moment with the whole setting up for the grand event and everything. I don't think anybody would notice if I'm not with my brother. Everyone will be too busy to notice... And ah, I can just enjoy the peace between myself and nature while I gather up some thoughts.

Luigi kept a light and slow walk as he briefly closed his eyes and inhaled the strong aroma of nature's surroundings.

He could mostly smell pine and fresh wood from the trees around him, and the different types of flowers that grew in the ground and even on the bushes.

Nature sure is beautiful if you really try hard enough to be a part of it and engage yourself in its beauty.The plumber smiled, opening his eyes.It's a shame not many people take the time to treasure its gifts that it has to offer. If you are lucky enough, you may even stumble upon something that can become a special memory to you. I personally don't mind being around nature, but not everyone is like me. Sadly, they're missing and wasting a great opportunity, but it's their loss, I suppose. Not everyone can like or enjoy everything in life, but it's the little things that do count, all the same.

Sticking his hands in both his overall pant pockets, the younger brother began to whistle a tune as his feet softly crunched and snapped amongst the leaves and twigs he stepped on. Dirt shuffled underneath him and became imprinted with his boot marks, but Luigi was oblivious to any of this as his mind shifted in deep thought once again.

Wait a minute... If nearly everyone is going to be there, then surely Princess Daisy will be there too. Oh, Dio. What have I gotten myself into?! I can't go now! W-What if I make a fool of myself in front of everybody and especially in front of her?!

Luigi stopped and took some deep breaths. He re-adjusted the collar of his green shirt with his gloved index finger as sweat began to bead down his forehead. He mainly did this when he was nervous, which quickly caught on as a nervous habit of his.

Despite the trees which also provided some shade, it was still muggy and very hot, making the trees merely seem like they were just there for decoration and nothing else.

"Of course Daisy will be there," Luigi muttered under his breath. He squinted on ahead and pulled down on the front flap of his green cap to shield his eyes out from the sun. "She's Princess Peach's best friend and they always do everything together. Well, most of the time, that is. They do try to be there for each other when they can, but it's just so difficult sometimes because Daisy's kingdom, Sarasaland, is pretty far from the Mushroom Kingdom, after all."

Luigi quickly looked around him and shook his head as he sighed.

Great, now I'm talking aloud to myself. Hopefully, nobody's around to hear me. They would think I'm nuts... Anyway, I should probably pick up the pace now. That's enough time with nature for me right now. Besides, I can't turn back now no matter how nervous I may be. Everybody's worked so hard for this and the least I can do is show up and be a part of this event. Best to get it done and over with as well... Plus, if anybody noticed that I'm gone, I don't want them to worry.

If they noticed...

Shaking out of those thoughts, the plumber slid his hands out of his pockets and began to trot until his trot turned into a jog. Soon enough, Luigi was sprinting and running as fast as his long legs could carry him all the way to Princess Peach's castle.

Welp, here I go...
"Ah, Luigi! There you are, bro!" Mario turned around and smiled at his little brother who came up from behind him.

With the red capped plumber, stood Princess Peach, Donkey Kong and Yellow Toad.

"Glad to see that you could join us, Luigi." The princess beamed.

Donkey Kong happily grunted, approvingly as Yellow Toad nodded and grinned.

"Sorry, bro. I didn't mean to leave you behind," Mario awkwardly chuckled, softly scratching the back of his neck in embarrassment. "I thought you were right behind me, but then as I came to the castle, I noticed you were gone. I was just about to look for you, too, but you arrived already, haha."

"That's okay, bro. I didn't mind." Luigi shrugged.

He decided to go against from telling them about his thoughts when he was trudging through the trees by himself.

I mean, how embarrassing would THAT be?

He'd rather not think about it.

A familiar distant sound of a high-pitched, "Woohoo!" caught the small group's attention. Everyone turned towards it to see none other than Daisy, Ms. Princess-of-Sarasaland herself.

"Oh, look who it is!" Princess Peach gushed, clasping her hands tightly to her chest in excitement as Daisy headed towards the group.

"Hiya!" Daisy waved towards everyone. "This event sure is great so far, Peach! Thanks for inviting all of us here!"

"Of course," The princess smiled. "It's my pleasure. Can't have an event without all of you! It just wouldn't be the same and I mean, how often do we all get the chance to gather and spend some time within one another?"

"Haha, that's true! Hey, girl," The brunette playfully nudged Peach and then glanced behind herself over back to where the castle was. "Yoshi and Birdo are trying to eat all of the food again. Can youbelievethose two?! They're always getting carried away!"

"Aw, stars! They never listen," The princess in pink frowned. "Well, I'll go talk to them again. They need to save some food for everyone else, too! The Toads and I can only make so much!"

"Haha! Well, love, I can't really blame them. Your and the Toad's cooking sure hits the spot!" Mario laughed.

The others joined in.

"I'm gonna go find Diddy, Dixie and the others," Donkey Kong grunted when they all were finished. "See you guys around!"

The ape can't actually talk, but thankfully, everyone can still understand his sign language, grunting, and other monkey types of noises quite easily.

"Can I come with you, DK?" Yellow Toad asked.

Donkey Kong nodded his head and grabbed Yellow Toad to put him on his back. The small mushroom fellow just giggled as DK carried him and waved to the others. They all waved back and Donkey Kong then jogged on his feet and knuckles away from the group.

"Well, I better go stop those two food thieves before they make way with all of the food." Princess Peach sighed as she looked back at the group.

"I will come with you, princess." Mario smiled.

The princess didn't argue and instead just nodded slightly and smiled in return, grateful to have somebody like Mario by her side.

Leaving Luigi and Daisy alone, the two lovebirds hurried off, disappearing in a flash.

"Well, everyone sure hurried off quickly!" Daisy huffed, her brown bangs blowing out in front of her face as she exhaled. "I wonder what everyone's up to?"

"I'm not sure." The plumber in green replied, slightly shifting from foot to foot. He was starting to become a nervous wreck, but he tried not to show it.

However, Luigi had troubles when it came to hiding his embarrassment or nervousness. His habits gave him away too much, which is why people (and certain ghosts) used to find him as an easy target for all sorts of things. Even though that was all well in the past, certain things still stuck with the plumber.

Daisy turned her head to face him and then raised a concern eyebrow.

"Hey, Luigi, you alright?"

"Y-Yeah, I'm fine." Luigi started to pull down on his cap again.

Argh, why couldn't he just stand still?!

"You sure? You're acting kind of weird... Is something the matter?"

"No, I'm okay."

"Well, okay, if you say so. But if you ever need anything, you know I'm always here for you."

Luigi nodded and then his heart almost stopped when Daisy placed her small, gloved hand onto the plumber's shoulder. She gave a soft smile and using her other hand, she used her index finger to push Luigi's cap up so she could see into his eyes.

"So silly." She whispered softly to him. Daisy then playfully bopped his nose and giggled quietly like this was some sort of a game to her.

Luigi couldn't say anything. Every possible word was jammed in his esophagus. His breathing must've stilled because he felt like he was going to pass out from lack of oxygen in his brain. The heat beating down on the two, most definitely didn't help either, despite how much shade the trees were giving.

The plumber's heart thumped loudly and he was afraid Daisy might sense his unease.

"I-I... U-Um..." He let out, shakily. His voice was barely a whisper and he wasn't sure what to do. He could feel his face grow incredibly warm, but he knew it wasn't from the heat.

Daisy stepped back a bit so she wasn't in Luigi's personal space as much. He finally was able to breathe a bit more as he wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve.

"Hey," Daisy grinned, jerking a thumb behind her. "Wanna grab some ice-cold punch? The heat's dehydrating me like crazy! If I stay here any longer, I'll probably end up like Frosty the Snowman during this season!"

Luigi let out a nervous chuckle at her joke and nodded his head.

"S-Sure. Okie dokie," He complied. "I could use a drink myself, anyways."

Without further hesitation, the Sarasaland princess had snatched Luigi's wrist and made off with him towards the crowds of people (and animals) and towards the punch table.

Nobody really paid attention to the duo when they approached for they were far too busy chatting amongst themselves about certain things or helping with things around the castle.

Luigi noticed Mario and Princess Peach nearby, scolding and giving the two dinosaurs lectures. Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie and Yellow Toad were all eating some banana splits that were politely requested to make.

Rosalina and her Lumas were chilling on some lawn chairs, eating starbit sandwiches that she had brought over for everyone, all the while drinking some punch. Sunglasses were on each of them and they were under some trees which provided them some shade. It was very amusing to watch, especially since it was so adorable to see the Lumas wear sunglasses that were far too big for their faces. They had to keep readjusting them.

Not too far away, Pauline and Mona seemed like they were discussing something intriguing because they were deep in conversation with the way their body language and facial expressions were made.

Quite a few Toads were squealing and laughing as Toadette chased them with a water gun. She started laughing herself as some Toads sprayed some water back at her. It was quite adorable to watch, and Luigi wished he could join in. It looked like a whole lot of fun.

Luigi's attention then averted away to the Toads and at Wario and Waluigi as he watched them get a firm 'whack' with Toadsworth's cane.

Luigi snickered. He knew those two troublemakers always had a way to try and cause some chaos, but luckily Toadsworth was there to do something about it. That older Toad doesn't take anything from anyone! Unfortunately, though, no matter how much times those two got whacked with a cane, they would never quite learn their lessons. Doesn't mean others should stop punishing them, though, for their reckless actions.

Luigi noticed and watched some others have a great time until he was quickly interrupted by Daisy's playful nudge of her hand.

"Hey," She laughed. "Are you just gonna make me stand here and hold this all day?"

Luigi turned and blushed a little as he quickly scratched the back of his neck.

"S-Sorry," He stammered. He quickly took some punch that was in one of those red party cups and smiled slightly. "T-Thanks, Daisy."

"Just teasing you, haha. And no problem." Daisy returned the smile and then began to grab two cookies off of a platter.

"Hey, I'm gonna go up to that hill over there," The Sarasaland princess pointed over behind Luigi. "Wanna come with?"

The plumber turned around and glanced up at where the princess had pointed. There was a large hill in the distance that overlooked the kingdom when you sat on it, giving you a gorgeous view.

Luigi turned back around to face Daisy and nodded, giving a gentle smile.

"Sure. That'd be nice, thanks."

"Of course! Now let's go!"

The two of them ran happily towards the top of the hill, being careful not to spill their drinks. When they got to the top, Daisy beamed and linked her arm with Luigi's. The plumber was surprised by her sudden gesture, but he didn't try to move or pull away. Instead, he just beamed back at her and their eyes shone as they gazed into each other's eyes.

"Here," Daisy offered a cookie to Luigi. "Enjoy! The princess made them herself. It's chocolate chip but she put extra chocolate chips in them."

"Thank you." Luigi replied, taking the cookie from Daisy and taking a bite from it. The chocolate melted in his mouth and it gave him such a warm and comforting feeling. Princess Peach's homemade food always did that to anyone.

She smiled as she watched him, her brown hair and bangs gently blowing in the warm breeze. The princess in orange and yellow then began to take a bite of her own cookie and looked back out towards the kingdom.

"Sure is nice, huh?" She said quietly. Luigi almost couldn't hear her at first, but then realized that she was talking about the view of Princess Peach's castle and the scenery around it.

Luigi drew a breath in and nodded.

"Yeah, it really is." He reluctantly agreed, munching quietly on his cookie. In the down distance, he watched everyone scurry about like busy ants and relaxed just slightly, all the while, finishing his homemade treat.

After finishing her cookie, Daisy then sat down on the grass in a polite lady-like fashion and looked up at the plumber in green. He looked back down at her and bit his bottom lip, unsure of what to do in this case.

"Don't you want to sit down? Here," The brunette patted the space beside her and laughed. "C'mon, green bean. You're too uptight! Learn to chillax!"

Luigi chuckled and blushed as he sat down beside the princess.

"Okie dokie, thanks, Daisy." He smiled, taking a sip of his beverage. He quickly turned his head away from her and used his gloved index finger to nervously fiddle with the collar of his shirt.

Daisy could tell he was shy, so she tried to make small talk with him. That way, he can become more comfortable with her and open up more.

"Don't mention it. So uh, anything new going on?"

Luigi looked back to face her and slightly shook his head.

"Well... Ah, no, not really. Except for this one time Mario pulled a nasty prank on me, not too long ago."

The plumber slightly blushed while saying this and shook his head.

"N-Never mind! Forget I said anything..."

"How come? Maybe we can figure out a way to get our revenge, hahaha!"

Luigi chuckled again before taking another sip of his drink. He sighed before lowering the cup in his hand and looked back at the kingdom.

"I guess, but revenge isn't much of my thing unless it's really necessary. Besides, Mario will figure out a way to prank me again, so there's no point."

"So I say we open up his eyes and make sure that he watches who he's messing with!" Daisy laughed.

Luigi tutted the princess and laughed along with her.

"Ah, I suppose you don't give up, Daisy, so what's your so-called plan?" He teased.

"Well, what was the prank?" The Sarasaland princess asked, taking another sip of the punch.

"Erm..." Luigi bit his bottom lip again and Daisy could hear the massive hesitation in his voice before he continued to speak. "It's... It's quite embarrassing, actually. You might laugh..."

Daisy frowned and placed a hand gently on the plumber's shoulder. She knew she crossed a line by asking that and wished she could take it back.

"I-I'm sorry, Luigi. I-I didn't mean to hurt you..."

"Oh, not at all! Nothing is your fault!" Luigi whipped his head back to face her and gave her a concerning look. "It's just that Mario hasn't really been himself lately. That's all." The plumber gave a slight shrug as if he wasn't bothered by anything going on.

"What do you mean?" Daisy raised a concern eyebrow at Luigi.

"Well, for instance, the prank he pulled was when he put neon green hair dye in my shampoo and made me go out to get groceries. I don't mind the colour green, of course since it's my favourite colour, but I don't like it in myhair! Especially since it wasneonand all bright! I didn't catch on until people in public stared at me weirdly and I went home to find Mario chuckling and stifling back laughter. I've never felt that embarrassed for a long time..."

"Wow, what a jerk!" Daisy huffed. "I'm sorry, I know he's your brother and siblings prank each other, but that's too far! I feel so bad. I'm sorry that happened to you."

"Ehh, it's normal for me."

"Still! But may I ask you a question, Luigi?"

"Of course. I'm all ears."

"What did you mean by 'he isn't acting like himself'? You say the pranks are normal and I haven't noticed anything different about your brother's behaviour, but that could be just me. After all, you would know him more than anybody in the world, especially as a twin of his."

Luigi set his empty plastic cup beside him and twirled his fingers around each other. He looked down at them as a distraction so he didn't have to look in Daisy's concerned and hopeless eyes.

"I think... I think he's getting more impatient with his life. I'm sorry if this doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I don't know how to explain it in English because I'm still learning it, but he's more angry and disappointed with things. Does... Does that make sense to you?"

Daisy knew Mario spoke like that sometimes too, which you can definitely tell that they're related. Luigi finally looked up at Daisy slowly and restlessly shifted his weight on his hands.
She slightly nodded and gave a gentle smile as she sat her empty cup beside her as well.

"Yes... Yes, that makes sense, Luigi. Can you maybe give me an example?"

Luigi swallowed hard and averted his gaze for a moment to look at Princess Peach's castle. He watched another silhouette join Toadette and the other Toads with their water guns. He could make out that it was none other than his older twin brother, Mario. Luigi could faintly hear his and the Toads' laughter echoing in the distance as the plumber sprayed streams of water at the mushroom citizens. Behind him, a taller silhouette which he knew must've been Princess Peach, was standing behind them and laughing along.

He smiled weakly at them, but Daisy knew it was fake and that there was massive pain aching in his chest. It hurt her to know what mental issues Luigi could have given all these years without anyone noticing anything anytime soon. Not like anyonecouldreally notice a mental illness, though. It doesn't always appear so easily for people.

This just wasn't fair. Not to Luigi. Not to his health. Not to his life. Sadly, life wasn't always fair, and things happened for a reason. It didn't make the situation hurt any less, though. In fact, it just made things worse and hurt more than they should. There's only so much the human mind could comprehend, after all. So much a person could take before something in them snaps and they'd never be the same again.

Daisy hoped nothing would become too extreme, but a majority of the time, life was just unpredictable and filled people's lives with surprises. Some good and the rest, better off without.

"This morning," The plumber mumbled softly, not looking away from his brother. "I overslept a bit and Mario totally lost it. Pure annoyance and disappointment was written all over his face. You didn't even need to write it on his forehead with a sharpie to notice it. I mean, I understand his anger and frustration, but Mario is usually one to keep his cool unless someone messes with his friends or family."

Luigi dryly chuckled and softly shook his head in disbelief.

"I don't really know what's wrong with him, but nevertheless, I will still always love and support him, no matter what. After all, he is my brother and I'd do anything for him, even if it meant giving my life to save his."

Luigi weakly gave a halfhearted smile and looked at Daisy. Tears filled his eyes and the now orange, yellow and pink sunset, splashed across the two. It made their blue eyes stand out and sparkle amongst the sky.

"I-I'm sorry," Luigi stammered, drying his eyes and turning away from Daisy. "I should go now. Shouldn't be talking about this... You're a princess. You don't need to hear my problems because you probably already have tons of your own and I'm just going to be a burden to you..."

He began to make a move to try and stand up, but the Sarasaland princess quickly snatched his arm and pulled him close again.

"Sit down," She whispered to him. Her eyes softly burned into his as she tugged on his green sleeve like a pleading toddler. "Please."

Nodding, he slowly sat back down for her and held his breath. He watched as everyone in the distance began to settle down a bit more. Faint laughter from the water guns were no longer heard, but Luigi could tell that everyone was still having a great time, nevertheless.

A cool breeze softly blew through the trees stretched out beyond them and they rocked with the momentum. Everything looked just as it would in a painting. Well, to Luigi, anyways. However, it was gorgeous with the sunset in the background and the breeze felt nice from all the heat that scorched them today.

It ruffled the plumber's green cap and black moustache, but he didn't mind. Instead, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm himself down.

Suddenly, Luigi felt himself lurch sideways and shot open his eyes. He tried to react and open his mouth to yell or scream, but quickly relaxed when he realized that Daisy was holding him close to her.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you." She mumbled with a soft smile as she looked down at him and held him a little tighter.

He looked up at her and barely shook his head.

"N-No, you didn't. It's fine."

Daisy could tell he was lying a little, but she thought better of it and didn't push on the subject. Instead, she tried to soothe him by slowly removing his green cap upon his head and stroking his delicately soft, wavy, dark brown hair.

"There, there, it's going to be alright now. I'll always be here right by your side." The Sarasaland princess murmured quietly.

Luigi blushed and murmured a quiet 'Thank you' back.

"Hey," The princess raised her voice a little, but it was barely above a whisper. "Don't mention it. I-I do care about you, you know."

Luigi smiled and felt the heat rise to his ears and cheeks.

"I care about you, too, Daisy. A lot."

Argh, why did he have to include that last part?! There's no way she'll like him now!

Instead, Daisy returned Luigi's smile and did something the plumber never forgot. Using her gloved index finger, she lifted up Luigi's chin so he could look up at her.

Their blues eyes locked into each other's. Luigi's were full of concern and confusion, but Daisy's were full of mischief and excitement.

Before Luigi could react and ask what was wrong, the princess in orange smirked and slowly leaned down to kiss him.

Not on the cheek.

Not on the forehead.

But aREALkiss!

Luigi's heart nearly skipped a beat and butterflies flew around in his stomach. His chest tightened so much, that it felt like somebody had kicked him hard there, and he could no longer breathe properly.

His eyes widened from shock, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't close his eyes and kiss her back. His eyes stared at her closed ones and then he watched as her brown bangs softly shifted under the wind's breeze. His own wavy hair began to ruffle too, slightly making the plumber's locks become a disarrayed mess, but Luigi didn't mind at all.

He tried with all his might to focus on the princess' embrace, but to no avail. His lungs were screaming for air and his thoughts spiralled around his mind and became one big clouded disaster. He had never been kissed on the lips before, so he wasn't sure how to react or what he should do. If he was Mario, maybe he'd know, but he wasn't, so Luigi let her embrace him for a few more seconds until she slowly pulled apart from him and opened her eyes.

"Didn't expect that, did ya?~" She giggled.

Luigi finally managed to sit up straight on his knees and exhale, the wind surely knocked out of his body. He started to breathe a little heavier and opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Instead, he shook his head and gulped, still trying to process what just happened.

"N-No." The plumber stammered in a wheezy and raspy voice.

He fidgeted once more with his shirt collar and started to breathe normally. He then respectfully cleared his throat and turned his head to look deeply into the sunset.

"D-Daisy, I... There's something I-I have to ask you..."

"Oh, what is it, Luigi?"

"Please be honest - d-do you like me?"

"Oh, Luigi! Of course I like you! Why would you ask that?"

"I mean," He paused and took a deep breath to look at the princess. The orange sunset was painting her whole face and body. Her already orange dress was now another shade of orange. "Do youreallylike me? Such aslike-like? Do you know what I'm trying to say?"

"You mean if I love you?"

"Yes, but more as a friend..."

"Didn't that kiss prove anything?" Daisy chuckled.

"Well, o-of course it did but you could've done it to be nice."

"True, but I did it because I love you, Luigi."

"R-Really?" Luigi looked at Daisy with wide eyes and the princess just nodded and smiled.

"Of course! You're funny, cute, kind-hearted, lovable and more! I couldn't ask for a better person in the world than you!"

"I-" Luigi was at lost for words. Was this all a dream?! He couldn't believe the one person - the love of his life - actually loved him back! Luigi could almost cry of joy. "Ohmio Dio!I love you too, Daisy!!!"

Shortly after this was said, Luigi clumsily fell forward and Daisy caught him in her arms. They both giggled as the plumber pushed his cap back on his head and then kissed her back.

Daisy wrapped her arms around his neck and Luigi wrapped his around Daisy's torso. She leaned in on her knees too to let Luigi kiss her and she continued to kiss him once more.

The sunset vanished and a starry night like Van Gogh's 'The Starry Night' famous painting, stretched out among them. As the stars twinkled, the duo could hear fireworks exploding in the distance behind them to give the event one finalhurrah. The two of them couldn't be happier.

After pulling apart, the lovebirds then sat down normally and stretched their legs out. Luigi put his arms back behind him to rest his weight on his hands and Daisy did the same. They looked at each other and smiled, then began to watch the fireworks light up the night sky.

It was incredibly beautiful to watch. So many colours blended together and blanketed the sky like a rainbow quilt.

A moment passed before Luigi finally asked,

"Daisy, do you know what this event is for? Mario didn't really give me any details about it. He was probably in a hurry with things and his mind most likely wandered elsewhere with stress that he sometimes gets."

"Oh! Well, yes!" The Sarasaland princess then shifted under her weight to turn and look at the plumber while a smile stretched on across her face. "It's an event for the Mushroom Kingdom, actually! It's their anniversary."

"Anniversary?" Luigi echoed.

Daisy gave a slight nod.

"Yeah, years and years ago today, the Mushroom Kingdom was first built, so this event is basically like its birthday. Princess Peach thought it would be a great idea to celebrate it and gather everyone to spend time within one another."

"Oh," Luigi smiled. "That's a great idea. And thank you for explaining, Daisy."

"Of course, cutie."

Luigi turned as red as his brother's cap and Daisy just laughed and shook her head.

"You know, it's even more cute when you blush like that! Hehe!"

"Argh!" Luigi flustered, snatching his cap off of the ground to put it back on his head. He then pulled it down to cover his embarrassed face. "N-No, I got a sunburn from the sun!"

"What sun?" Daisy teased while looking around their surroundings. "It's night time now! You can't use that excuse with me, mister! I know when you're blushing!"

With this, she began to tickle the plumber's sides and Luigi fell backwards while squealing with laughter.

"A-Ah! N-No, p-please, Daisy! I-It was f-from before!"

"Well, I've never seen it earlier and that cap always covers your face well, so I'm not buying it! Hahaha!"

"Ahhhh!!! H-Help! S-Somebody!" Luigi wheezed.

"Admit it!~" Daisy crooned. "Or I'll keep tickling you!"

"F-Fine, I-I was b-blushing!!! Hehehehehahahaha!!!!! Let me go!!!"

Daisy laughed and stopped tickling Luigi. Luigi coughed and then started to breathe normally again.

"No fair!"

"Hehehe! Totally was!"

"No way!" Luigi laughed.

"Master Luigi and Princess Daisy," Toadsworth called, hobbling on his cane close to the lovers. "I have came to inform the both of you that hot chocolate and s'mores are being provided inside the castle, so you may wish to help yourselves to whatever you wish. Sparklers are even available too. The Toads seem to pretend that they are lightsabers or wands... Pfft, youth these days..."

Daisy and Luigi chuckled.

"Oh okay, thank you, Toadsworth." Daisy waved.

"Thank you!" Luigi smiled.

Giving a respectful bow, the older Toad hurried back on towards the castle.

When he was out of sight, Daisy picked up her empty plastic cup and turned to face Luigi. He could see a mischievous smirk appear on her face.

"Last one to the castle has to give the other person some of their s'mores!" She nudged and stood up.

The princess then began to run full speed towards the castle and even though she was in heels, Luigi noticed that she was surprising fast.

"Hey, no fair! You got a head start!" Luigi called, snatching his own cup up from beside him and stood up to chase the princess.

Their child-like laughter filled the cool, night air as they ran closer to the castle to join everyone else in their evening.

Everything was perfect for the plumber. Life was going beyond well for him. He had all that he needed and could ever ask for. As long as he had Daisy right beside him tonight, that was all that mattered.

He was overjoyed and warmed in her presence and he'd never let her go. Ever. All they ever needed - Allheeverneeded, was just the two of them on this gorgeous night.

A/N: Hey, everyone! That was my first attempt at making a Luigi x Daisy story, so I hoped you enjoyed it and I'm sorry if it was too quick for you.😅I will be making more Luigi x Daisy stories in the future, so you don't have to worry about that! More books are on their way, but I've been pretty busy with important things lately, so I have to focus on that, first. So, if I don't write for a while, it's usually because of that or writer's block, looolll!

Anyways, I wasn't really sure about this book because I changed it quite a few times. It didn't really go as I planned, but you gotta work with what you've got sometimes! I can always put my ideas in new stories. Besides, there'll always be more room for improvement - and new books, of course!❤️

Anyways, yeah, hope you all enjoyed and stay safe and awesome out there! Thank you all so much for reading and also supporting me! Have a great rest of your day/night! Arriverderci!!!😄👋🏽

Just The 2 Of Us (Luigi x Daisy Story) - ThatOneMarioFangirl (2024)
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